How It All Began

Dedicated to Our Mission

What started as a passion and love of long ears, quickly grew from two donkeys, to four donkeys and a mule. Before we knew it, we had eleven unwanted and displaced animals. We are determined to rehab, retrain and repair what we can. Meanwhile, trying to find appropriate forever homes or sanctuaries for life without suffering. It has been a journey; both wonderful and heartbreaking at times. The numbers of donkeys and mules in need has only grown over the years. In 2014 we became a non-profit organization; it truly takes a village. We are so grateful for all the family friends, and generous donations that keep us going. We will continue to do everything we can, "to save as many Asses as we can". I am truly grateful and give thanks for all of you who support us in our cause. I will eventually retire from my work Registered Respiratory Therapist, but I will never retire from being an advocate for Donkeys and Mules.

Sincerely, Staci Richeson-Greene

“Of all the animals, God's greatest gift to mankind is the Donkey; civilization was built on the back of a Donkey.”

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